Sapper & Zanuso

In the early 1960s, began an important collaboration between German designer Richard Sapper and the designer and architect Marco Zanuso, a partnership that would last for many years. Brionvega, an Italian electronics company which aimed to compete with Japanese and German producers, commissioned Sapper and Zanuso to create several radio and television sets. These products soon became icons of Italian design.

zanuso sapper


The ts502 – also known as the “Cube” – is a global icon of industrial design and as such is on display in the most important contemporary art museums of the world. It can be found, for example, at New York’s MoMA. The legendary object is made up of two plastic “valves” that make it look like a cuboid seashell: ready for your favorite radio program when open, off to rest when closed.

radio.cubo & David Bowie

David Bowie was an owner of one radiofonografo rr126 and one radio.cubo ts502 and used them everyday to play his music. On November 11th 2016 Sotheby's sold the 2 products for the record amount of: 257.000 pound for radiofonografo and 30.000 pound for radio cubo.


The evolution of the shape


1964 - ts502 v.1

The first version of radiocubo ts502 by designers and Zanuso Sapper appeared on the market. Radio cubo was a portable radio : it didn't have a power nor a headphones socket. ts502 is only orange.

1966 - TS502 v.2

The second version of the Radio cubo ts502 is launched. More colors, telescopic antenna , two 3.5mm jack sockets on the side for external power supply and headphones. Radio cubo evolves.


1981 - TS505 v.2

The second version of the radiocubo ts505 was launched. Distinguishing marks : color range and plastic handle.

1987 - TS512

In the latest years of the production ts512 ( single version ) was born. Last revised version of the TS with partial redefinition of the graphics on the faceplate.


2001 - TS522

radiocubo ts522 new edition of radio cubo ts502 with new colours and modern technology.

2010 - TS525 ts525 is the first expandable system. With FM, DAB / DAB +, docking station for iPhone and iPod connection, remote control, CD and MP3 docking station and player. Subwoofer and second speaker has a new LCD display and a USB input for your MP3 and WI FI connection.


2013 - ts522 “radio mosaico”

radiocubo Mosaico, the classic by Zanuso and Sapper finely reinterpreted by Giulio Candussio, Master of Spilimbergo Mosaic.

2016 - TS522D+

The best radio.cubo ever, cutting-edge technology with such a unique shape that it hasn't needed to change for more than 50 years. Improved depth of audio reproduction.


2020 - ts522D+S

The best radio.cubo of all time is updated and includes a new rechargeable lithium battery to allow you to always carry it with you and never leave you alone.

The frequencies of history

Radio.cubo represents the Made in Italy design of the 1970s. The aesthetic taste and the style of that period inspired its forms and its peculiarities. Today radio.cubo still keeps its essence, but it reappears on the international market, adding to its charm a new technology that makes it even more unique.